My mum says we need to spend more time learning more about how NOT to get sick and less time worrying about cures.

Here’s a list of all the geniuses mum and I listen too for everyone who has been asking!

Mum talks alot about epigenetics and the health food revolution you can read more about this stuff on mums site

www.organichouseandtable.com  but here is a list of the BEST teachers of Health and Healing you will ever find!


1. Don Tolman – Whole Foods & Self Care  ( eat an apple the whole apple, says doctors smell!)

2. Markus Rothkranz – Health and Self Suffiency, Creating your own economy.  ( teaches mums and dads not to be silly and eat cooked foods or work for silly companies that keep you bored and broke)

3. Cara Brotman – Raw Chef , Womens Health & Fitness ( Mum says she’s SUPER HOT I don’t get it she’s not red and doesn’t look sweaty or anything)

4. Bruce Lipton PhD – Cell Biologist, Meaning of Life, Guide on Living and what genetics means today ( esplains to everyone Genetics dont mean we will get sick because our mums mums did)

5. Niki Angelopoulos – Naturopath and Blood Microscopist & Amazing Wholefoods Chef ( this ones easy Niki makes the best Vegan food in Australia, she can tell you whats in your blood, she’s friends with Billy Batman, we use her alkaline supplement in our smoothies every morning  and I think shes’ superwoman in disguise)

6. Billy Simmonds – Vegan Bodybuilder and Martial Artist.  Mr Natural Universe 2009 ( my good friend Billy Batman he fights crime and helps people get muscles without eating animals he also has his own vegan protein PRANA its sooooo YUM).

7. Adrian Jones – Naturopath & Black Salve Expert in Natural Cancer Treatment ( helped my mum get better).

8. Annette Larkins – 70 going on 40 Expert on Raw Living (this lady might live forever shes mazing you have to see her!!!).


There’s lost more on my mums website but listening to these people will change your life and are the best start too being a super Green Ninja!




Mr Natural Universe Competition in 2009
Mr Natural Universe Competition in 2009

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