Caden & Wednesday


My name is Caden I’m four years old and I’m a super dooper ninja turtle, here to protect the animals like Diego and help everyone eat yum healthy food.

My mum is helping me and my little sister Wednesday do this log thing so I can help mums, dads and kids to eat healthy and be kind to animals and the planet.

Wednesday is two years old and cheeky we live with our mum London, dad Richie and our furry family Harvey, Bonnie, Asha, China and Charli.

We eat mostly raw food during the day and have a cooked dinner in the evening this is the best way to have lots of energy and do my ninja super dooper spying all day. We also ONLY eat Organic foods and we don’t have added sugar or any packet food with sugar in it unless dad sneaks a packet of biscuits past mum and then Wednesday and I will probably eat them all!

We dont have a hydrator thinger yet (* dehydrator ) when we get one we will make yummy biscuits so daddy wont buy them anymore.

Were going to get a scalibur like King Arthur had ( Excalibur  Dehydrator) then we can make ANYTHING and fight Shredder with our super human powers .

At the moment all our recipes can be done with the blender, oven, fridge and the freezer for when we make super yummy ice cream!!!

I’m going to tell you EXACTLY how it is, when it’s awesome and yummy and so easy and when it just isn’t easy because we people aren’t always helpful or understanding or mum makes a mistake with a recipe and its not so awesome.

I like to experiment alot mum and dad think its good to help me develop a “healthy relationship with my food”. You will find all my favourite recipes on here, I do like things sweeter than mum and dad so you just have to experiment too when you are trying my recipes.

I thought I wouldn’t like raw food but it turns out its the yummiest of all!! some days I want things mum doesn’t know how to make yet ( she’s learning as fast as she can) and sometimes I want to eat breads and cooked foods during the day but I know if  I have a smoothie, some fruit or some of mums Cashew yoghurt I will blast off like a rocket plus mum will make me anything I ask for so long as its mostly raw and made from scratch with no bad flours or sugars in it.

Mum runs Dad’s Companies so most of these recipes are quick and easy, there is a lot of chopping but we do that early and keep it in glass containers ready for meal times.

I love eating fruit and veggies on their own now ( it took a while) but this makes snacks much easier and my mum is super happy about it!

I’m sure you will love our recipes they super yum for people who are learning to eat green, we even have some cooked dinners like mums lasagne and dad’s mexican burritos they are SOOO DELICIOUS we are trying to make a healthier version of mums mushroom and sausage pie I’m sure you will love that too when we get it right!

Wednesday and I have never eaten animals or drank their milk we love animals and I am always asking ” Is that vegan?” I never have wanted to eat an animal mum is always super proud that i never want to eat chocolate and lollies that have animals in them.
Just to make sure were not missing out on vitamins and minerals we have checks done every few months so my Nana is happy, they always look good! Our Ironman is sometimes lower than people who eat meat but you will see in my videos I am full of energy ALL THE TIME we are hardly ever sick, we’re super healthy and we know its because of the food we eat!!

If you have any questions about our recipes, or adventures I would love to talk to you.

My mum is helping me do this log so I can make friends with more people who love to eat Green Food. I am always asking people I meet ” are you vegan” I like to be friends with everyone but its super cool to meet and talk to people who love animals like me and love being healthy this way.


I hope I can help you if your thinking about being vegetarian or vegan or if you just want to try some super yummy food!


Thanks for reading my log,

See Ya later Dudes!









One thought on “Caden & Wednesday

  1. I think it’s a wonderful thing you are doing by talking about your experiences. I’m not vegan or vegetarian, but I love to try new recipes and am always looking for healthy alternatives. I have a few recipes to share with your mum that my family like even with them being vegan.
    Stay strong and keep eating healthy!

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