Kickin it like the green lantern!


HI there My name is Caden I’m 4 and this is my little sister Wednesday she’s 2, so i’ll do the talking.

We love animals and love green food.
Mum was worried we wouldn’t like being Raw but its delicious!! In here you’ll find our new recipes, adventures and other stuff that’s super important to kickin’ it like the green lantern.

Later Dudes!

NanaNut Smoothie and Lunch

Hi Guys

I can do handstands and I can make smoothies and I can be strong and I can be super healthy and super cool, super awesome, super… ninjago, super spin, super dooper, super gun.

Me and my family are vegan even my little tiny sister is vegan we decided to eat raw except for dinner to have more energy because our mum discovered that cooked food is actually not as awesome as raw food.
We found out that its all about nutrients and nature not about being “vegan”. were gonna go to the farm now, going to look at the veggies, then eat the veggies. Here is a list of everything we ate this morning in case you were wondering.

NanaNut Smoothie
2 Bananas
1 young coconut ( Juice and fat)
1/2 cup water
1/2 bunch of KALE
1/2 punnet of strawberries
Handful or almonds
Handful of Brazil Nuts

Then for lunch we had
Avocados stuffed with diced tomatos with lemon and salt, pepper and mixed seeds.


As a snack we have Dried Figs they are delicious
mum will be a drying machine and then we will have even more delicious snacks.
keep an eye on this blog to see what adventures Wednesday & I get up to.
Catch you later dude!